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·Create an international brand, casting a century enterprise

Is facing an unprecedented development opportunities. After China's accession to the world trade organization, the quota restrictions on the European Union, the United States and other market gradually reduce, by the end of 2004 will be cancelled, while Europe and the United States market will set limits, build other barriers to trade, but open market is just around the corner. After the sixteen major cities, China's urbanization, urbanization and the development of the western region to speed up the pace, gave birth to an unlimited business opportunities. At the same time after the XX listed in the capital market is very successful, and now has a net worth of 3 billion yuan, three years later, in 2005 the net assets is expected to more than 5 billion yuan, the competitiveness will be further enhanced.

It should be said that we have a very good macro environment, and XXX after 20 years of development, has brought together a large number of management personnel, and has a relatively good brand, the initial establishment of a market network. But with these advantages, it is difficult to compete with those multinational enterprises after one hundred or two hundred years of development and highly industrialized, information technology, which is the challenge faced by XXX. Based on this, XXX must focus on sustainable development, foster core competitiveness.

First, the establishment of a "international brand, casting a century enterprise" for the new development goals. One hundred years is not a span of time, but a long-term vitality of the enterprise. Clothing industry is an eternal industry, not a sunset industry, the key is how to do a good job, upgrade, this is our understanding of the clothing industry. So YOUNGOR in the overall goal, or adhere to the clothing industry, in order to real estate, international trade for the two wings of the development strategy, and continue to extend the industrial chain. Here refers to the clothing, is the concept of clothing, there are three levels: one is the clothing brand chain, enter the retail terminal of the transition to the commercial, plan five years within the establishment of 500 large chain stores, to establish stable and level marketing network system, to achieve a combination of tension of the brand and market expansion force; the second is gradually from manufacture oriented, to development transformation; three is to the upper reaches of the extension and development of textile fabrics, industrial. Textile enterprises are not only labor-intensive enterprises, but also capital intensive enterprises, but also high-tech enterprises, it is more vitality than the clothing manufacturing industry. After China's accession to the world trade organization, the competition will be the competition of fabric development. At the same time, international trade, real estate is also upgrading the industrial chain. International trade in one of the trade and Industry Import and export simultaneously at the same time to the development of the automobile trade, we are now planning, intends to build a set of automobile trade, exhibition, maintenance, spare parts, insurance, loans, spare parts and other various automobile city, extend the industrial chain. Property management, property management, hotels, shops, extension and development.

Second, deepen the reform of the two enterprises, explore new management mechanisms. Marketing companies to global procurement, production companies also have the ability to open up the market, which is the direction of YOUNGOR's next step in the reform. In the operating mechanism will also implement some reforms to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the operators.

Third, strengthen the mechanism of enterprise innovation and talent cultivation. Mainly to strengthen the ability of product development and production of advanced production factors.

Fourth, seize the development of new opportunities, looking for new growth points. Automotive, communications, tourism, services and other industries have become the new highlights of China's economy. YOUNGOR on the basis of the bigger and stronger garment industry, and actively involved in other industries, looking for new economic growth point. Fu Palace Hotel, Dongqian Lake zoo and medium car trade project development and investment are Youngor to seize new opportunities and seek a new bright spot of initiatives.

In 2002, Youngor Group achieved sales of 6.9 billion yuan, good performance of profit of 5.8 billion yuan, showing a stable development trend, textile group, apparel group, chain group, real estate group, foreign trade group, accessories group six group's strategic architecture has already seen the embryonic form. 2003 years younger will pay to adhere to in the clothing industry, real estate, trade for the two wings of the strategic conception play advantages in human resources, informationization to promote industrialization, promote garment industry with high-tech, take the road of sustainable development of a new type of industrialization.