Sunglass Frame Materials

Choosing a frame is nearly as importantas the lenses, since it contributes to your sunglasses' comfort, durability andsafety.

Polycarbonate (PC): Most frames of sports sunglassesand goggles are constructed of polycarbonate because of its interestingfeatures. It is extremely hard, thermoplastic, lightweight and highlyimpact-resistant material.

TR90: A high quality type of nyloncharacterized by an extremely high bending strength. Lightweight, tough andshape-retaining material that is also exceptionally impact-resistant. It is usedin sports glasses because of its shock resistance, flexibility, durability andnon-allergenic properties.

TPE: A thermoplastic elastomer used forframes of sports & kids eyewear. Exceptionally soft and flexible,rubber-like material. Frames made of TPEE retain their shape after bending, arepleasant to the touch and comfortable to wear.

TPX Floating: A floatable type of plastic materialused for the frames of floating sunglasses designed for sailors, surfers,fishermen and all fans of water sports. Flexible, durable and ultralight.

Metal: Easy to adjust to your face and lessobtrusive to your field of vision. It’s more expensive and less durable thanother types, and it's not for high-impact activities. Keep in mind that metalcan get too hot to wear if left in a closed-up car. Specific metals includestainless steel, aluminum and titanium.

Cellulose Acetate: Sometimes called "handmade",these variations of plastic are popular on high-style glasses. More colorvarieties are possible, but they are less flexible and forgiving. Not intendedfor high-activity sports.